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The Pedal Movie (2021)

Director: Michael Lux, Daniel Orkin
Cast: Oliver Ackermann, Steve Albini, Juan Alderete, Craig Anderton, Johnny Balmer, Andrew Barta, Heather Bickford, Fran Blanche, Christian Bland, Chris Bristol, Terry Burton, Patrick J. Carney, Nels Cline, Dennis Coffey, Graham Coxon, Lisa Bella Donna, Peter Frampton, Dave Fruehling, Paul Gilbert, Lance Giles, Natalie Hernandez, Gary Hurst, Robert Keeley, David Knudson, Eddie Kramer, Morgan LeMont, Aisha Loe, Andy Martin, J. Mascis, Mike Matthews


A Documentary about the history, culture, and sound of guitar effects pedals, told by the builders who build them and the artists who use them.

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